Molly Bloom Kathleen Chalfant

Leopold Bloom and others
Allyn Burrows
Chris Ceraso
Rufus Collins
Jerry Matz
Paul McIsaac
Robert Zukerman

Produced and Directed by
Alan Adelson and Kate Taverna

Scott Sinkler

Kate Taverna

Excerpts from the novel Ulysses by
James Joyce

Narration written and read by
Alan Adelson

Michael Berz
Marc Dagenaar
Scott Sinkler

Additional cinematography
Jake Boritt
Cristal Chaudet
Alan Adelson
Kate Taverna

Aerial cinematography
Michael Magee Productions

Mark Degli Antoni
Joel Goodman
Dave Soldier
Ilir Bajri


The staged reading, “Bloom,” was presented on the Kumble Stage of the
Forchheimer Auditorium, Center for Jewish History, New York City

Natalia Indrimi

Set Design and Images
Kerstin Bayer

Live Video Mix
Jason Carlin

Lighting Design
Jan Kroeze

Assistant to the Director
Anna Oliver

Theater Production Coordinator
Jerry Kupfer

Casting Consultant
Nela Wagman

Still Photographer
Michael Berz

Production Equipment
Chris Edwards, Production Junction
Scott Sinkler

Audio Post Production
Paul Furedi

Color Correction
Don Wyllie, Framerunner

Poster and Font Design
Jennifer Kotter

Titles and Font Treatments
Sue Manian

Additional  Animation
Richard Trammell

Development Consultant
Debora Ott

Distribution Consultant
Wendy Lidell

Chief Literary Consultant
Michael Groden

Technical Consultant
Anna Hovhannessian
Julia Friedman
Brynn Curry


Michael Barsanti
Christopher Cerf
David Ebershoff
Michael Groden
Helen Monaghan
Colum McCann
Robert Nicholson
Edna O’Brien
Rafael Siev


The Poetry Collection of The University Libraries,
State University of New York at Buffalo
Michael Basinski
James Maynard

National Library of Ireland
Fiona Ross
Katherine McSharry
Colette O’Flaherty
Brid O’Sullivan

Special Collections, Research Center
Morris Library, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
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Thomas Woolf
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Karl Kageff
Brandon Mohr
Aaron Lisec
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Keith Murphy

Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia
Derick Dreher
Judith Guston
Katherine Haas
Elyse Poinsett
Karen Schoenewaldt

Columbia University, Butler Library,  Special Collections


James Joyce Tower and Museum, Dublin
Museum of Modern Art
Laurence Kardish
Charles Silver
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Peter Williamson
University College, London
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Center for Jewish History
Judith C. Siegel
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Sasha Tenenbaum
Lynne Winters

William F. Riggs and Robert Spoo, Attorneys
Doerner, Saunders, Daniel &  Anderson, LLP


The James Joyce community of Buffalo, New York,
home of the James Joyce Collection at SUNY-Buffalo

Emily Mason and Wolf Kahn
Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason Foundation

Abigail Disney and Pierre Hauser

and to
Kathy Sulkes


The Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA

Abid Ali
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Genevieve and Walter Taverna
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Wendy Weinberg
Nora York
Michelle Zackheim

Selected music from the film
“Concert of Wills: Making the Getty”

Excerpt from
“Ballet Mechanique” (1924) by Fernand Leger,
Dudley Murphy and George Antheil


Alan Fanagan, Fanagan Funeral Home, Dublin
Lisa Kearns, Adena Keane, Ireland Tourism
Mary O’Farrell-Windsor Lodge
National Transit Museum of Ireland
Swan Tavern, Dublin
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James Joyce Center, Dublin
James Joyce Tower and Museum, Sandycove

In memory of our friends who helped

Larry Bogdanow
John Sebastian Chan
Hazel Medina
Linda Salerno
Elena Scola